Sit-on stacker ABEKO SW 1350/1600

ABEKO SW 1350/1600

Sit-on stacker

​Ergonomics is the keyword for this sit-on stacker. All drivers can find their optimal driving position, thanks to the adjustable steering wheel with many adjustment options. The seat is adjustable, the floor can be raised/lowered and the tilt adjusted. The driving controls, with the sprung armrest, are also adjustable. World-beating ergonomics.
The truck can be equipped with foot pedals for forward/reverse as well as a mini-steering wheel on the armrest.


Choose a Sit-on stacker over a Stand-in stacker or pedestrian stacker

A Sit-on Stacker gives the driver a safer and more secure workplace because you sit inside the truck, unlike pedestrian stackers. A Sit-on stacker is preferable when you have long work shifts without leaving the truck, while a Stand-on stacker is recommended when the driver often needs to get out of the truck to perform work outside the truck.

Modern trucks for seated drivers have a lot of safety built-in. A Sit-on Stacker and also a Stand-in stacker often have a higher capacity, lifting height and speed than a pedestrian stacker with tiller arm.

A Sit-on Stacker is compactly designed and is therefore suitable for narrow aisles, but can still stack high.

The lifting height can be up to 7.2 meters. A Sit-on stacker can also be used for double pallet handling, order picking and horizontal transports.


  • Lifting capacity 1350/1600/2000 kg
  • Lift height up to 7000 mm
  • Available with Quadruple Mast for extra low frame height
  • All masts have clear view frame
  • Integrated mast damping
  • 3 kW drive motor AC
  • Battery capacity 620Ah
  • Battery space with rollers
  • Driving position with many adjustment options for optimal comfort
  • Alternative speed regulation
  • An efficient control box with electric-servo control gives the driver exceptional driving satisfaction

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Export Sales Manager

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