Double Stacker ABEKO SAN 1600


Double Stacker

Small, flexible and compact truck for double stacking. The truck is narrower than a standard pallet and has a very low centre of gravity thanks to the battery's placing. Perfect when loading/unloading. The low step-in height and the fact that you are protected in the truck are further advantages. Both the support leg and the forks can be used simultaneously to transport two pallets. The total lifting height is 1.8 m. The truck can be equipped with hydraulic shock absorbers as well as sprung swivel wheels, which provides unbelievable comfort and saves wearing parts.


  • Lifting capacity: 1600 kg
  • Lift height 1800 mm
  • Initial lift and fork lift with free lift
  • Integrated mast damping
  • 3 kW drive motor AC
  • Battery capacity 465/620 Ah
  • Battery space with rollers
  • Proportional electically controlled mini-joysticks with very high precision
  • Adjustable and vibration damped control console and steering unit
  • Paper tray, pen holder and mug holder
  • "Speed reduce" - The driving speed drops continuously in turns
  • "Pulsating brake" - Minimise the risk for the drive wheel locking or separating from the surface when braking
  • "LSC" - Lowering Speed Compensation The truck's lowering speed is set automatically depending on the tonnage on the forks

Jan Almkvist

Export Sales Manager

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