With Actil as your supplier, you can be sure of finding the right Stacker for the right scenario. We manufacture ABEKO warehouse trucks in the absolute top end of the market. For you as a customer as well as for us, the most important thing for good business is a long service life with low maintenance costs over the entire service life of the truck.

In our range of warehouse trucks you will find everything from Stand-in Stackers, Sit-on Trucks to Double Stackers. We have efficient and safe stacker with innovative solutions and can also adapt trucks for special applications.


Choose a Stand-on Stacker versus a pedestrian stacker

A Stand-in Stacker offers the driver a safer and more secure workplace because, unlike pedestrian stackers, you are in the stacker. Modern Stand-on trucks have a lot of security built in. A Stand-in Stacker and also a Sit-on Stacker often have a higher capacity, lifting height and speed than a pedestrian truck. 

A Stand-in Stacker is very compact and is therefore suitable for narrow aisles, but can still stack high. 

The lifting height can be up to 7.2 meters. A stand-on stacker can also be used for double pallet handling, order picking and horizontal transport.

Jan Almkvist

Export Sales Manager

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