Order pickers ABEKO OPL 10 3.0

ABEKO OPL 10 3.0

This order picker has free-hanging forks and thus can handle most types of load carrier. The forks can be raised and lowered separately or ordered permanently welded to the platform. The OPL 10 has a platform lift height of up to 3000 mm. This means that the driver comes up to and effective picking height of 4600 mm. The truck is equipped with side guards and a protective roof for the driver. The markets lowest step-in height makes this an efficient order picker.


  • Lifting capacity: 1000 kg
  • 3 kW drive motor AC
  • Speed up to 12-14 km/h
  • Battery capacity 775 Ah
  • Battery space with rollers
  • Low step-in height
  • All operating functions follow the driver platform during lifts
  • The driver platform has damped lifting/lowering movement
  • Reduced travel speed when the driver platform is raised
  • Sprung swivel wheels for optimum drive wheel grip
  • Possible to drive the truck from outside the driver position with Walk Side Drive (WSD)
  • Floor buttons for automatic lowering of the driver platform

Jan Almkvist

Export Sales Manager

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