Low lifters ABEKO SWR 33T


The Abeko SWR 33T is primarily used for rapid and heavy goods handling. With double drive motors, loads of up to 3300 kg can be transported as fast as 18-20 km/h. Thanks to the damped motor suspension, the truck always has the optimal grip and braking capacity. The truck is usually equipped with 2400/3600 mm long forks for handling two to three pallets. The driver has a high position for the maximum supervision of load and surroundings.


  • Lifting capacity: 3300 kg
  • Low lifter
  • 2 x 6.4 kW drive motor AC
  • Battery capacity 930 Ah/ 48 V
  • Speed up to 18-20 km/h
  • Driving position with many adjustment options for optimal comfort
  • High situated driver position
  • Alternative speed regulation
  • An efficient control box with electric-servo control gives the driver exceptional driving satisfaction

Jan Almkvist

Export Sales Manager

+46 (0)31 – 962 675

+46 (0)701 – 906 822

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