Low lifters ABEKO SAR 20N


Small, flexible and compact truck. The perfect truck for driving long stretches. The truck is narrower than a standard pallet and has a very low centre of gravity thanks to the battery's placing. Low step-in height and you are protected all the time when standing on the truck. Ergonomic 45 degree driving position for optimal operation forward/reverse. Very good all-round view. In the same way as other Abeko warehouse trucks, this is also equipped with a powerful 3 kW AC motor. Speed approx. 12-14 km/h.


  • Lifting capacity: 2000 kg
  • Low lifter
  • 3 kW drive motor AC
  • Battery capacity 465/620 Ah
  • Battery space with rollers
  • Adjustable and vibration damped control console and steering unit
  • Paper tray, pen holder and mug holder
  • "Speed reduce" - The driving speed drops continuously in turns
  • "Pulsating brake" - Minimise the risk for the drive wheel locking or separating from the surface when braking
  • "LSC" - Lowering Speed Compensation The truck's lowering speed is set automatically depending on the tonnage on the forks

Jan Almkvist

Export Sales Manager

+46 (0)31 – 962 675

+46 (0)701 – 906 822

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