We want you to feel certain in your mind that both the production and everything around it are carefully selected and reviewed in order to deliver a truck that is not just extremely reliable but also good for the driver, wallet and the world.


Environment is about reduced energy consumption, sound choice of materials, reduced environmental and climate impact. All of our organisation shall have a comprehensive environmental approach for a sustainable future.

You can expect a truck from Actil to have a long service life. Our designers are working continuously to find better alternatives and solutions. The vulnerable components are properly sized to last for a long time forwards. If a replacement is needed, you can be sure that both the manufacturing of the part and the freight are careful calculated to have as minimal impact on the environment as possible. This is achieved via local suppliers and optimised transports.

Our measures are continuously leading to reduced environmental impact, something that pays for itself at all stages. 



Each truck driver deserves a proper workplace. For this reason, we take extra care in the design of the control space's layout. The adaptation is not just carried out with respect to the physical ergonomics but also with respect to all human aspects. 

Vibrations constitute a large part of the stresses to which a truck driver is exposed daily. We have effectively minimised these thanks to innovative solutions in floors, control panels, seats, swivel wheels etc. If, contrary to expectations, the truck should need further adaptation, it is not a problem. We have great experience of customising our trucks for large as well as small needs.


For us at Actil Warehouse Trucks quality means so much more than just truck characteristics, it is also about the reliability and credibility of our service. Our goal is for you, as our customer, to feel confident that the truck has been produced to the strictest safety requirements set on the market and that subsequent service will meet your specific needs. All the trucks that we deliver are designed for continuous use, three-shifts round the clock, year after year. Should there be any problems, we have a complete team that is ready to give you support.

At Actil Warehouse Trucks, every fitter is responsible for his truck and is included in the process until it is ready to be shipped to you, who placed the order. All these efforts mean we can guarantee the strict requirements that we set on quality at Actil.

Life Time Cost

When buying a truck, it is important to look at the whole picture. Considered over a truck's service life, the purchase cost is just one part. For this reason, it is also important to consider the reliability, repair options and service network to ensure that the truck is back in operation as quickly as possible after any stoppage. A truck purchased from Actil Warehouse Trucks is designed according to tried and tested methods and recognised technology.

Our goal is always to be at the leading edge of development, however, without ever experimenting in any way at our customers' cost. For this reason, you can expect that trucks from Actil will last for a long time forwards.

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