We have a national network of dealers who are responsible for sales. We keep a large range of spare parts in stock and even stock spares for trucks that are 30-40 years old.

If you happen to be passing this way, please drop in for a visit. Our demonstration trucks are always available for a test drive.

The factory is located in Vreta Kloster, on the outskirts of Linköping, 200 km south of Stockholm. This is where we develop and produce electric indoor warehouse trucks. Our factory, with an area of 4000 square metres, is the model of production efficiency. State-of-the-art manufacturing techniques and a good team spirit are the keys to our high capacity level. The main focus of our manufacturing is on stand-in and sit-in stackers, low lifters, order pickers and pedestrian stackers. Special trucks comprise about 25% of the production and thanks to the close collaboration between our design and production departments, nothing is impossible.


In 1954, Kugelverken AB in Linköping started with the manufacture of forklift trucks under the Abeko trade name. In a time when the handling requirements for pallet racks and pallet stackers were becoming ever stricter, the company specialised in innovative indoor warehouse trucks that met their customers' wishes. The trouble, according to a peeling offprint from the newspaper 'Skandinavisk Emballage- och Transporttidskrift', was the "difficulty in keeping up with all the orders".

Much can be recognised again 60 years later, even if the company has changed its name to Actil Warehouse Trucks, and we have moved from Gamla Tanneforsvägen in Linköping to Flemma in Vreta Kloster.

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